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Umbrella Host Updated. Updated Web Hosting site for Umbrella Host

Umbrella Host Updated
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Umbrella Host has been running successfully for 3 years now. It was time for a much needed update to the website. There was a lot of old code that was redundant and made the site slow. The focus was on a update of the site that kept the existing look and feel but at the same time allowed much faster page loads and most importantly be compliant with W3C standards.

The site was rebuilt from the ground up. W3C compliance was achieved which means that every browser is now able to see the site as it should be and its much friendlier for disabled users.

The Umbrella Host blog was also updated inline with the main site complimenting its look and feel. We didn’t just stop there but continued right the way through to the customer area and even added new styling and features to the outdated in-house web hosting platform that was used, to provide a modern and up to date feel whilst still retaining the core features.


  • xhtml & php
  • WHM – cPanel & Billing Solution
  • Javascript – Jquery & Mootols Library’s
  • Valid XHTML & CSS

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