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Mosque Locator. London & UK Mosque Location Service

Mosque Locator
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Mosque Locator is a community orientated website with the aim of providing London mosque locations in the UK and locations of mosques all around the world. The site is based on Googlemaps API allowing us to build a site that allows location data to be pulled in dynamically from the Googlemaps API. Each location consists of an image gallery and can have extensive descriptions. There is also an integrated directions feature that allows you to get directions from the users current locations, all via the Googlemaps API.

The site also has a blog area for community driven posts and a a submit listing page for those that want to list there Islamic locations.

Technology & Services

  • xhtml
  • SEO campaign
  • Javascript – Jquery & Mootols Library’s
  • Googlemaps API Integration
  • Dynamic Library of locations

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