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Pay Per Click (PPC). Google Adwords PPC Campaigns For Targeted Traffic

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click is a type of search engine marketing where businesses pay a set amount of money for an advert with a pay per click services provider like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search etc and every time their PPC advert is clicked upon by a prospective customer, the company has to pay the pay per click service provider.

Pay per click adverts are shown in the sponsored links advertising section which appears on the top and right hand side of the screen on many search engines for specific keywords. Ad placement is based on how much a business is willing to bid to advertise on each keyword search phrase. The order is a combination of the bid amount and the popularity of the keyword. Pay per click advertising from Umbrella Web Studio can be an ideal way to create instant visibility and targeted website traffic for your website.

Google Adwords Pay Per Click Benefits

Providing a significant return on investment from our pay per click services and creating cost effective PPC advertising accounts is central to the Umbrella Web Studio’s approach to pay per click management. Notable benefits include :

Instant Results

Instant ResultsPPC set up can be implemented quickly and effectively to instantly generate immediate visibility and traffic to your site.

Cost Control

Cost ControlYou can allocate as little or as much budget for your PPC campaigns as you see fit and adjust this PPC budget on a daily basis.

Highly Targeted Advertising

Highly Targeted AdvertisingThe traffic that comes to your website is more relevant because the web surfer has been specially searching for that keyword.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive AdvantagePay per click services allow any businesses, big or small, to compete and gain premium search engine positions.

Geographic Advertising

Geographic AdvertisingYour can target geographic locations for your PPC campaigns. For example if you only wanted to target Manchester or the UK then this is possible.

Tracking Success

Tracking SuccessYour PPC account will allow you to see what keywords are driving the most traffic to your site so you can allocate or adjust your PPC for maximum effect.

We provide a fully managed service; so, if you are new to PPC advertising or are looking to establish fresh campaigns, we will create adverts on your behalf using our own experience and research. There’s no minimum spending requirement or time commitment, and with the cost-per-click option, you’re only charged if people click your ads.

PPC Landing Pages: Being a web design company we have the expertise to create dedicated individual landing pages for your campaign specifically designed to match the product or service promoted to the keyword phrases in the ’sponsered link’ this includes dynamic content and/or A-B split testing. A pay per click campaign is only as good as the landing page – it is one thing to drive traffic to your site but if the bounce rate is high then you cannot get the return on investment.

Contact Us with your requirements today. We provide FULL PPC Campaign Reporting: Each PPC campaign is provided with regular reports on key factors from clicks, impressions, to ad cost.Contact Us With Your Requirements
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