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Natural Search Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). White Hat SEO Techniques

Natural Search & Organic SEO

Natural Search & Organic Search Engine Optimisation SEO is a gradual process which concentrates on making a web site “search engine friendly”. Unlike paid listings, organic search engine results are essentially free. High returns can be achieved if a web site ranks well within the various search engines – an obviously attractive proposition. We work closely to guidelines and adhere to standards that naturally improve search results.

Some SEO Techniques We Use..

Keyword, competitor and market analysis: We will analyze the most searched and targeted keywords and phrases that relate directly to your business. From here we identify the SEO strategies of your competitors for these phrases in order to see exactly what we need to do to rank above them. This will allow us to focus your campaign on achieving the highest rankings for your most searched for keywords.

Meta Tags: One of the most important on-page SEO factors is the page title. To rank highly for a primary term the inclusion of a page title is extremely important, although this meta tag doesn’t help page rank it describes what your business is about on search listings.

Link Building: Quality; inbound links are the most effective method of obtaining and maintaining Number 1 Google rankings even in the most competitive markets. Umbrella Web Studio employs only the most effective and safest methods of link building that replicate a natural link acquisition profile. The result is higher positions, quicker movement and long term rankings. We stay away from link farms and other fast-track attempts at getting links to your site which ultimately have a negative effect on your site.

XML Sitemaps: Sitemaps are an easy way for your site to communicate information to the search engines about pages on your site that are available for crawling. An XML file lists all the URLs for a site along with additional Metadata about each URL allowing the search engines to more intelligently crawl your site.

Site Submission: Your site is submitted to top ranking directories and search engines including DMoz. Submissions are an integral part of getting your site indexed and placed into the search engines to get your site placed above competitors and rivals. Submissions are conducted at periodic time intervals to gain full benefits.

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