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Easy to read whitepapers on SEO, Google Adwords and Web Development

Simple and easy whitepapers on topics like Adwords, SEO, Web development and more. We aim to make it easy for you to understand complex topics in simple ways. No mumbo jumbo. Plain english whitepapers that tell you all you need to know. Choose you whitepaper from below.

Illegal SEO Techniques

Techniques that you should avoid when doing SEO for your site or a clients. These are the tactics that you need to stay away from!

View Illegal SEO Techniques

Social Networking

So what’s all the buzz about social networking? How can you use it for your web site strategy? This explains it in simple terms.

View Social Networking

Google Adwords

A simple introduction to Google Adwords. What it is and how it can work for your business. A basic guide to get you going.

View Google Adwords Intro

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