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Htaccess Code Generator. Quick & Simple Tool

The .htaccess file is important for controlling and removing duplicate content on your website. Your default home page may be available by a number of different URL’s which leads to duplicate content issues. Since most people do not know how to make an effective htaccess file, this htaccess code generator tool will make one for you with all the right variables.

Please select which of the following requirements you need for your website. Selecting default options in the htaccess code generator tool will not stop duplicate URL’s on your website. Selecting custom options will safely 301 redirect required URL’s to the correct URL allowing you to have 1 overall URL for your page(s). This will also protect your page rank from being lost and keep it to the selected URL’s which is important for SEO.

Website Domain
Document Index
Force WWW
Force SSL
Show Indexes
Blocked IPs

Here is the generated htaccess code. Please paste this into a blank htaccess file, or click the download button above. For more information on htaccess rules visit Apache .htaccess guide and also .htaccess tricks

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